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Team Telecom (Europe) Ltd
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Hove, East Sussex BN3 2DL
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+44 1273 772355

Need to send emails?
Whether you wish to send an email newsletter to 500 customers, or 100,000 promotional messages to your newly acquired opt-in database you have come to the right place. Since its inception email marketing has evolved and matured to the point where today, for many companies, it is an essential ingredient in their marketing mix. And although research shows that approximately 22% of promotional emails fail to reach their destination because of filters, the results obtained from the 78% that do, more than justify the continued use of emails as an essential part of the marketing mix.

Over the past few years there have been thousands upon thousands of articles written about email marketing – what works and what doesn’t – endeavouring to answer the many questions that any serious email marketer needs to address. We’re not therefore going to re-invent the wheel, or re-publish what can be found elsewhere. Instead, we suggest you go to the useful articles page. Here you will find links and references to a significant number of worthwhile articles on all aspects of email marketing that you will find useful in developing or planning your mailing shots – whether to customers or prospects. You will also find links to some of our favourite marketing writers whose newsletters invariably offer sound advice on email marketing.

Get your message right, and you are likely to enjoy outstanding success. Get it wrong, and not only will your campaign be unsuccessful, but you could end up being blacklisted by the various ISP’s. Therefore, play safe and follow the rules (see legal) especially those that relate to the bulk sending of unsolicited emails (spamming).

The critical thing about email marketing is that it is not static. It is constantly evolving and the rules keep changing. Who, ten years ago, had ever heard of ‘permission’ or ‘opt-in’ marketing (ie needing the recipient’s permission before sending an email). But, with torrents of spam flooding the marketplace it took a visionary like Seth Godin to articulate the concept and, in a relatively short space of time, opt-in emailing followed by double opt-in became the standard for many legitimate email marketers. This is especially so when mailing to consumers who are afforded greater protection under current EU/UK legislation than businesses. Details of who (and who may not) be legally mailed can be found by clicking on legal.

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