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Team Telecom (Europe) Ltd
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Hove, East Sussex BN3 2DL
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Do you have a customer base? Do you collect email addresses? If not, you should consider obtaining the names and email addresses of everyone who visits your website by offering to send them an occasional newsletter or other pertinent information about your product or service. You may want to offer a mini course on a topic of interest. But whatever you do make every attempt to capture the data since in this way you’ll be building a valuable resource to which you can send relevant information from time to time. You may also want to consider offering your site visitors a small incentive for going onto your mailing list. For suitable ideas please visit marketing incentives. Once you have built a mailing list of customers or prospects then it’s time to send them a newsletter. You can either do this internally, or like many businesses you may prefer to use the services of an outside bureau such as ours.

All you need do is prepare the email broadcast that you wish to send, then email this together with a copy of your mailing list in an Excel spreadsheet (or other suitable format) containing at least two pieces of information, namely the first name and email address of each person to whom you wish to send your email letter. If you wish to merge other data, this can also be included for a small charge. We will then do the rest – set up the broadcast, ensure that the first name of the recipient is merged to your list and then send, using our powerful network of servers to ensure that the broadcast goes out on time and with the minimum delay. So that your mailing avoids the spam filters operated by various ISP’s and is ultimately opened by the intended recipient, you should avoid the use of words likely to get picked up by filters and also give special attention to the subject line of your email. For more information on words to avoid and subject lines go to articles.

Assuming that you will be sending a relatively simple email without any requirement from Emailblast for creativity then costs start at just 15p per email for a small send (minimum charge £60) to less than 1p (US1.7c) per email for a much larger mailing. For pricing information go to Costs.