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Team Telecom (Europe) Ltd
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134-140 Church Road
Hove, East Sussex BN3 2DL
Tel 0845 222 0033
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[email protected]
From o/seas please call:
+44 1273 772355

Would you like to receive or send incoming faxes direct to your computer, accessible via your email address, anywhere in the world when you log on?

Then Fax to Email is the answer. We offer two types of service:

bulletBasicFor receiving faxes on your computer anywhere in the worldbulletAdvancedFor both sending and receiving faxes from/on your computer
 Basic Service 
 No longer will your faxes come to a traditional fax machine. You can receive confidential documents that will be seen by your eyes only. Here are just some of the advantages to be had from an email fax service.

bulletYou can receive faxes to your existing email accountbulletNo need for fax supplies like paper / toners / etc.bulletYou can delete unwanted faxes on your computer screen and print only those you wish tobulletBoost productivity by not having to go to a fax machine to collectbulletProtect sensitive information like resumes, client correspondencebulletWorks with your usual email service – simple, user-friendlybulletFaxes sent to your virtual fax number are instantly forwarded to your email address as PDF attachments which can be read with Adobe Reader allowing you to access your faxes whenever you check your emailbulletTurn your existing email network into an inbound private fax mailbox that never runs out of paper, loses an important message, or gets turned off – and it’s totally confidential
If all you want to do is to be able to receive faxes on your computer anywhere in the world then our basic service allows this. Cost is just £7.95 month + VAT (payable every 6 months in advance). For this you get a dedicated 0845 number which means that anybody can send documents to you from any part of the UK for no more than the cost of calling their neighbour (as little as 1p fax including VAT). It is also possible to receive documents from overseas, but this depends on whether the overseas carrier has linked to the UK non-geographic system.
 Advanced Service 
 For a more advanced service that allows you to send faxes from your computer (as well as receive them) you need Level 2. Here are a few of the additional benefits.

bulletNo more busy signals when trying to send a faxbulletBoost productivity by not having to go to the fax machine to send or receivebulletReplace manual faxing with automated distribution of invoices / notices / forms, etc.bulletOne button fax from Microsoft Outlook – compatible with most email systems.bulletFax to multiple numbers (suitable for small quantities)bulletAuto retries ensure that if your fax can go through it willbulletRapid low-cost rollout – no training necessarybulletUse online account management tools to control accounts, add users, modify accounts and customise settingsbulletGenerate real time billing and usage reports by company, department and employeebulletEasily recover lost faxes onlinebulletCut costs – eliminate the need for hardware and softwarebulletBenefit from proven security, privacy, reliability capacity and performancebulletLive support 24/7
The advanced service is not provided by Promofax but by an outside organisation with the appropriate infrastructure. For more information and a direct link to their website please click here.