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blank For a comprehensive overview of what we do. Consultants wanted across the UK.
blank 0844 / 0845 / 0871 numbers
and Fax2Email.
blank Press releases that help to rank your business high on search engines
blank Low cost video promotions that can push your business up the search engines.
blank Low cost high impact fax marketing using your data or ours from as low as 1p per fax.
blank Low cost, targeted email marketing using your data or ours.
blank We’ll send out your customer newsletter with 98-99% delivery.
blank Up to 25,000 phone messages per hour from as little as 1p message.
blank Low cost business data. All areas of the UK from just 1.99 per 1,000 records.
blank Over 1,000 domain names to build your business or brand awareness.
blank Corporate videos from just 495 to promote your company.
blank Low cost telemarketing for data cleansing, appointments, research, etc
blank Memorable word (vanity) numbers to build your business. (eg 0845 FLOWERS).
blank Free business newsletter of news, views and savings
blank Up to 21 nights free hotel accommodation at top hotels – you pay only for meals.
blank One weeks free accommodation at choice of overseas resorts. No strings attached. Not timeshare.
blank Networking site for New Zealanders in business or management around the world.
blank Networking site for Australians in business or management around the world.
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Team Group UK

Registered Office

Team House,
208 Church Road
Hove, East Sussex BN3 2DJ

Tel 01273 772 355
Fax 020 7748 2027
From o/seas please call:
(44) 1273 772 355

Team Telecom (Europe) Ltd
Company number 382 1103
Eurocom Marketing Ltd
Company number 04835378
Promolists Ltd
Company number 667 5901
Email Services (UK) Ltd
Company number 673 9535

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Recommended Links

For an extremely wide selection of non-geographic phone numbers, standard and memorable at great prices, visit Team Telecom (Europe) Ltd at

Marketing Numbers
Team Telecom (Europe) Ltd provides a wide range of memorable non-geographic phone numbers for marketing purposes. These can be either alpha or numerically constructed. The entire range of 0845 / 0870 / 0871 numbers are covered as well as premium rate numbers. Numbers are available for short or long term usage. For details please click on

Marketing Incentives
Eurocom Marketing Ltd is a provider of high perceived value, but low cost to the marketer, travel and leisure incentives. These include such offerings as Free European Flights, Free Eurostar to Paris and Free Hotel Accommodation. Depending on quantities, costs can be as low as £3 per certificate. Vouchers which offer the same deals for a small handling fee can be had for as little as £50 per 100. For further information click on

Fax Broadcasting on the increase
Following a relatively quiet period over the past year or two fax broadcasting is starting to boom again as more and more companies become disillusioned with the results of their email marketing activities. Spam filters now routinely block up to 39% of all legitimate emails yet still let a lot of rubbish through. Accordingly, fax broadcasting is on the rise and Promofax is fast carving a name for itself as one of the leading companies in the field, achieving excellent results for many of their clients. To view testimonials and gain more information go to

Voice Broadcasting about to take off
Whereas fax broadcasting is primarily a medium for business to business marketing, voice broadcasting offers significant opportunities to reach consumers in their own homes with a short pre-recorded telephone message. Imagine a well known celebrity calling you at home and asking you to donate to this cause or vote for that political candidate. Low rates make voice broadcasting an extremely cost effective means of communication. For details, click on

Low Cost (even free) PDF File Maker
If you are seeking a low cost PDF file maker then you should seriously consider Docudesk. One user writes, “This programme has been a godsend. I am no longer even looking at Adobe. This does everything I want. My customers think I’m great because I send them PDF’s instead of JPEG’s that take longer to download. It’s cut a great deal of my paper usage.” For a free trial go to

Reciprocal Links
Free categorized and human-edited link directory.
Add your international website today. Sootle Web Directory

Add your URL to Seniority for free Creative advertising and marketing directory

If you would like a reciprocal link on this
or any other site within our group then please call Henry Newrick on 0845 222 0033 (from outside the UK +44 1273 772 355) or send an email to

Domain Names
For domain names at affordable prices and great service go to All our domains have been purchased through Easily over the past 6 years.




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